Intercom/PA Systems

Applications and Maintenance of Intercom and PA Systems

Intercom and PA Systems are used all over the world to enable people get information in large gatherings where it is impossible to hear somebody speak. Intercom is a short form of intercommunication which is the wiring of the whole system and PA systems includes the speakers and the loudspeakers and the amplifiers used to amplify sound to a level that everybody can hear. These systems have Commercial, residential, and custom applications .This article puts a light touch on the various uses of these systems and how to maintain them.

Where and How Do We Use the Intercom Systems?
These systems are used for both Indoor and outdoor applications. The following are some of the cases of indoor usage.

– Telephone-Most companies and even households use telephone to communicate within the house or the companies. This means that wiring has to be done to connect all the buildings so that communication among members is made easier.

– The doorbell-This is another way of communicating employing intercom system whereby a bell is mounted inside the house then connected to a switch next to the outside door and when the switch is pressed on, the person inside gets alerted.

– Emergency sound systems. In large companies and hospitals, there are installed communication systems to alert people on any emergencies and to pass important information.

The outdoor applications mostly involve more powerful amplifiers and speaker systems. This is due to loud sound requirements in the outdoor activities. Being outside, there is normally a need for Tamperproof and special environment equipment so that they can last a long time. The following are the situations where outdoor applications.

– Conferences-In large conferences where not everybody can hear the spoken words, Powerful amplifiers and large speakers are normally used to enable everybody get information clearly.

– Rail and air terminals-These are normally very noisy paces and powerful sound amplification systems are normally used to enable people get the right information about their flight alerts

– School And Lecture halls-In schools where classes are composed of many students public address systems are normally installed to enable everybody get the information

– Open air events-Events like political rallies and product sensitization campaigns normally employ the use of public address systems to cheer up the crowd and to communicate.

Maintenance Practices of Intercom and PA Systems
It takes a lot in terms of money and time to install these systems. That is why a proper well defined maintenance program should be employed to ensure that the whole system remains working all the time, especially for emergency Intercom and PA Systems. The following maintenance activities are vital.

� For the telephone intercom system, the cables should be replaced as indicated to prevent sudden breakdown of communication due to old cables.

� For public address systems, the amplifiers should be checked regularly and worn out or faulty parts replaced before they damage the whole machine.

� The speakers also need occasional checking for faulty coils or broken cabins so that they are always in good condition and ready for use.

In conclusion, Intercom and PA Systems if used under well maintenance can serve you for quite a long time and you will get real value for your money


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