Remote Data Backup

Use Metavault to Fulfill All Your Remote Data Backup Needs

Any organization that handles sensitive, high value data must regard the concept of data backup as being of utmost importance to its daily functioning. A number of crises can occur, such as a virus or electrical outage that could cause an organization to lose access to all of the data that is considered of utmost importance to the company’s functioning. Data backup, a process of archiving data for later recovery, can help prepare organization for disasters, protecting the organization from suffering a massive loss of data. There are a variety of methods of data backup that an organization may use to protect itself, yet many are not aware that just any backup plan may not be enough to protect their interests. If a power failure, or other network failure were to occur, data backed up on a computer within that network may be non accessible. Localized data backup is unlikely to provide a confident level of security to an organization. Remote data backup is a much more effective system. On top of this, there are different tiers of data backup, and the lowest tier, Tier I, may not be enough to fulfil their recovery needs. A Tier II can fulfill the needs much better. Also, if the organization also deals in regulated data, the backup system must fulfill compliance laws for that regulated data.

In steps Metavault, a remote data backup tool developed by asset management company, Xytech. Metavault has been developed in order to provide organizations with the highest of quality tools for premier online backup. Using Metavault, people can feel confident that their organization’s data backup requirements will be fully met by a company dedicated to their data backup, archiving, compliance, and recovery needs.

What Makes Metavault Perfect for You?

● Archiving your data with Metavault is simple and easy to set up using a simple online backup management system. This backup management system will cover everything from videos to email.

● Do you handle sensitive state regulated data with your organization? The government will require that it this data is effectively backed up and ready for recovery. Metavault fulfills all compliance requirements for state regulations.

● Metavault runs a Secured Tier II Data Center & Enhanced Recovery system. This will store your data securely in a system with an availability of 99.741{aa66bca37a2045de80446cc25ec62ebf984d79a676c737ab8e2cfeed98b64823}.

● Worried that Metavault and your organizaiton might not be prepared for a disaster? Metavault uses disaster recovery tests in order to ensure that everything will be ready for recovery in the case of an actual disaster.

Archiving and recovery of your data is essential. If not prepared, a disaster can bring your organization to its knees. Metavault, a remote data backup tool will take care of this important element of running an organization for you. Why get caught in a difficult situation, losing all your important media, when you can take care of your data management with an online premier backup service like Metavault? Make the right decision for your organization, and choose to go with Metavault’s elite services.

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