Remote Video Storage

Remote Video Storage


Remote Video Storage permits you to store your real live videos from surveillance cameras to iLink’s state of the art data centre. It provides extra security of your video data and stores it safely avoiding the risks of theft, mismanagement, malpractice, vandalism and any kind of natural damage.


Benefits of Remote Video Storage


o Image quality is preserved with digital recording

o Variety of storage solutions (central, hosted,dedicated)

o Ip network enables you to store your video

o Excludes the expenses of manually maintaining videos

o Ability to create multiple copies of the same video in remote storage


How It Works?

In the case of off-site remote video storage all you need is broadband connection to the internet and IP network camera. Then the video is transported over the broadband connection to a remote secured data center that you have to choose. There is a variety of companies specialized at network video storage solutions. Once you choose the company, you’ll get access to your account which usually can have more then one user. Each user has his/her own username and password. In this way, you protect the videos from any natural or human harm and safely store them never to be lost.

However, as technology develops, another way of video storage has been added. In the case of On-Site Video Recording. The company uses an on-site computer which records the network surveillance video. It is often called Managed Video. In this way, you can be sure that your on-site video surveillance is properly working and performing.

The last type of video storage is Off-Site Hosted Video Storage. Functioning with a web-based camera management software, this remote secured center stores your videos from multiple locations. The server can be found on a location that you as a customer choose or in the data center of your service provider. In this way, one system has the option to safely store any video from any camera connected to a broadband connection.



With remote video storage, the security of your videos is guaranteed. Any service provider offers you a non-stop security monitoring, surveillance cameras and a reliable staff inside the data center. Many companies nowadays have a special security entrance system „Mantrap entry“ with key cards and biometric recognition.


Business Benefits and Budget Saving

There are many advantages in terms of business and money when it comes to remote video storage. First of all, in terms of manual labor, you can save hours of needless work if you manually swap VHS tapes. For business people who share their video data with the authorities, hours are saved because now it is all accessible via IP network and nobody has to even leave their desks.

If the money was the issue before, you don’t have to worry about it any longer. Almost all service providers offer free quotes where you can send them an offer of your project explaining how much video data you own and they return you detailed information about pricing and suitable solutions.


Remote Video Storage is useful, saves money and makes sure nothing ever happens to your video archive. Safety as a real choice!


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