Video Surveillance

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Video surveillence is the use of closed circuit and television (CCTV) electronic gadgets to monitor the behaviour, activities of people and the happenings, events or activities around them. This is usually done for the purpose of controlling, influencing, managing or protecting the flow of events or the behaviour of people towards and around such events.

The CCTV video surveillance systems can be digital or analogue. The properties that actually sets the digital apart from the analogue is confined in the encoding of their signals. Their differences include the following:
Digital Can store large data depend age on the storage capacity of your computer server.High image quality that does not fade with time.Easy and cheap way to transfer data to other storage devices e.g CD. Data sharing is made easy by digital CCTVs. The recording capacity is very fast(100 images per second) and can record simultaneously from different cameras.CCTV cameras can easily sort through data and can connect with other computer systems over the internet to check on recordings or sort through archives.
Analogue With analogue, you need to change the tape every day and have space to store the videos.Quality of pictures over the tapes degrades with times and will need constant changing. Analog systems and visual camera recordings (VCR), records data from one camera at a time.Information is sort through recordings manually.
Pan-tilt-zoom (PTZ) video surveillance cameras can be used with the CCTV to give it the capability of remote directional and zoom control. This enable the CCTV to be controlled by automated systems.
The digial CCTV video surveillance systems allows CCTV cameras from anywhere in the world using your local broadband over the internet.With this technology you can images from your mobile phones, laptops or PCs.

CCTV video surveillance systems also provides one with 24 hours monitoring. One doesn’t need to be physically present to monitor people and events in their homes and office via the internet cameras using electronic devices. As long as they have got 3G internet data access. All you need to do is have a sender (your house)and a receiver (laptop or phone).

The sender is made of one or more cameras connected to a video surveillance streamer. This streams the video signals over a local network or internet.For a receiver to find the sender, it must posses an internet protocol (IP)address or a universal resource locator (URL). Conversely, the receivers made of your phone or laptop/PC that is 3G enabled. The user enters an IP address or URL, and when requested, a user name and password, before he/she can receive image signals over the internet.
CCTV video surveillance system have to be durable, with a good waterproof and temperproof quality to be able to withstands adverse weather conditions like extreme temperatures in both hot and cold climate regions. This is necessary to ensure optimal function and longevity of video surveillance systems.Also, they must have the require illumination to work in the dark.

Some come with special high quality color sensor that enables the video surveillance cameras to work perfectly in both indoors and outdoors weather condition. For example the CCD color security video surveillance cameras come with a buit-in light sensor which automatically switches on the illuminator, anytime the prevailing light exposure falls below a pre-set value for maximum operation. This type of video surveillance cameras have infra-red LED lighting system, which works up to 8m directly in front of the camera in low light conditions.